Sunday, August 24, 2014

Past Year Slackin on Posting

Past year and a half has been so crazy!  Finding time to sit down and write anything has been a challenge. Managing my grandfathers affairs since him being placed in a nursing home with Alzheimers, and caring for my failing grandmother until her passing, took up most of 2013. Having that time with them was priceless and I was glad I was able to do it.

Since then, we've had our third grandson, who is just a doll and growing like a weed, youngest daughter finally turned 18 (Woot! little happy dance), and I developed an addiction to making aprons.  Well, aprons, bibs, and kitchen aid mixer covers and hotpads.  They have been super fun and still have so many more I want to make!

I still have a huge box full of Jeans that are just screaming to be made into aprons lol.  With only 5 months till Christmas I definitely need to get cracking!

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