My Extended Furry Family

This page is a little picture heavy so I hope you had your wheaties!
We live out in the country and have been here for about 7 years.  Sadly people think that if they drop off their unwanted pets that they will find their way to a farm and be taken care of.  Unfortunately for a lot of pets this doesn't happen, so they wander aimlessly not knowing how to hunt for their own food or even be able to find water because these basic things have been provided to them.  So, I'm sure you can draw your own conclusion to their fate.

So, now on a lighter note lol, I'm sharing with you the babies that found us due to "Grandpa Kitty".  He was a wonderful wild cat that would take these "lost" kitties and bring them to our house.  He would bring them down and sit patiently almost "keeping guard" for them to eat and drink.  I certainly am not the kind of person that can stand to see any animal starve so we continued to feed, tame, and eventually spay and neuter all of them. 
Texas has a program for Ferrell cats (wild), there are some Vets that participate in the program so if you trap the Ferrell kitty in a live trap and bring it to them they will spay or neuter them for $25 plus the rabies shot, then put them back in your trap and you can take them back home and release them the next day.

My first love...BaiBai
The mother hen of the house kitties.  (as you can tell shes hard to photograph cause shes so black) lol She will be 12 years old on September 11th

This is Sneakers the Grandma of most she was a drop off along with 3 sisters, Star and Mittens that looked just like her.

PeekaBoo, shes kina shy so she don't like her picture taken and rarely opens her eyes all the way. She was a drop off to and so starved and prego when she came to us she was almost bald.  Look at her now shes super plushy and gives the best smoochies. Shes BaiBai's roomie.

This is my Peanut. She came to us just  wee bit bigger than a peanut and so covered in fleas she couldn't walk. She's our singer.  She will sing and sing and when shes ready to go out of the bedroom the literally will jump at the door and bounce off of it lol.  Shes also my droll baby, get her purr'in and she drolls lol. Shes also one of BaiBai's roomies. Yes 3 black cats lol.

And my KittyBear he's sucha love. You can tell he loves his picture taken.  If you can't find him just look up in a tree or he'll be sleeping in a bush.

Bambi is my crafty kitty, he needs to be in the middle of every thing I do.  He takes snuggling to another level, he likes to try to "make out" with ya!

CassaNova the great protector of all the kitties.  They love him so much that they will clean this dog from nose to tail.  Have mercy on the kitty with one of his hair balls lol.

 These guys are Mocha (top), Frappy & Chinno ( the two black ones, and yes just like the coffee oi)

This is Cookie.  He was the runt of the litter with Mocha, Frappy & Chinno.  Mocha Frappy & Chinno had already been brought up to us by their mother (shes known for having babies and then dropping them off to us ) so we didn't know if there were more kittens or she only had three.  Here's the amazing story of how we got Cookie.

One night my daughter heard a kitten crying in the neighbors yard.  She went to the fence and could see a kitten when she shined the flashlight. Then she heard a splash and the kitten yelping. She jumped the fence and pulled him from the neighbors pool that had been partially drained and was green.  She brought him to her dad but it had stopped breathing. He took the kitten from her, at this point shes frantic, he gave the kitten tiny breaths and rolled it around in his hands and it started breathing again. He saved it! I took him and washed him off, poor thing was only half the size of his sisters.  From now on this kitten is known as Cookie...One tough cookie!

Okay we'll introduce more kitties tomorrow, it's getting late. Huggles!

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