Friday, October 19, 2012

As the world turns

It's been a while since my last post.  Looking now....yeah quite a while.  Well as soon as I finished on the other two bags for mom, the new season of football in Second Life has started.  In case your not familiar with Second Life it's a 3D virtual world game.  I design, and draw clothing for avatars (characters) in Corel Paint Shop.  So if I'm not playing with fabric an paint in the real world, I go and play with my pretty pixel pixel paints in the computer.  Along with the football of course is cheerleaders. Cheerleaders need uniforms, pom poms and shoes, cute accessories and what nots, so they come to me. Which I do not mind at all because I love doing it, and it makes them happy which makes me happy to make people happy and its just a song that never ends, cause it goes on and on my friend. LOL  ( It's so stuck in your head now ha ha)
Anywho  here are a few pictures of the uniforms I design in my paintshop and then create in the virtual world of Second Life :) . The avatar model is my character in the game.  (If I only looked like her lol)

And of course there is the Dance team Dazzlers Inc. team uniforms, of course I love the best since I've been part of it since 2009.  We do performances for events, real life charities like Relay for Life, Broadway shows and holiday shows.  It's a lot of fun when its time to take a break from creating lol.

Until next time...

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