Friday, September 7, 2012

Dumb Bubbles!

Oh my gosh I so know better! LOL  Here I have had my HE washer for almost 7 years and boy did I make a huge booboo.  Normally I am totally OCD when it comes to buying cleaning products, so I take my time. Oh no, not this time.  Maybe it was because Tide has new labeling that they started around the 4th of July that distracted me.  Yes you've probably guessed I bought regular instead of the HE.  Amazingly I have been using it for about a week now, there was only one small clue that I noticed in that time and that was my clothes didn't feel as soft as usual. (little crunchy like I didn't use softener when I did).  Of course like most people I don't sit and watch the entire cycle on the machine, well admittedly I do some times when I need a time out to calm down. LOL But anywho...I threw a load in and noticed it was taking a rather long time. Low and behold the lcd said SUD. I said UGH. :(
This isn't my washer but just imagine covering the entire glass lol
  A whole wonderful tub full of suds that completely covered the glass. So I pulled out my manual, and found the problem right off, wrong soap!  Fortunately, it has a cycle to take care of the problem but it takes a long time.  So here are the steps I took to rid the SUD problem...

I was able to cancel the load wash so the door would unlock.  I took a large bath towel and had it ready when I ever so SLOWLY opened the door. ( don't open fast cause your just asking for a massive bubble blob to land on your feet! lol ) Cradle the bubbles with the towel and roll them back in the tub and spread the towel over as much of the suds as you can.  The dry towel will start to break the bubbles, this works in the tub too when the bubble bath gets out of control lol.  

Once the suds are somewhat under control and you have at least half of the tub free, take about a cup of vinegar and pour over the towel.  I learned a long time ago from my Grandma that vinegar will kill the suds even with Dawn.  (Grandpa put Dawn directly in the dishwasher heh heh men).

I started a rinse and spin cycle and woo hoo them little babies went poof! Yay!  The laundry room smelled like I was making pickles in the washer for a while but it  certainly was better than doing the "Scoop and Dump" some where routine to get rid of them lol.

Teehee until my next blunder...
Huggles T

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  1. lmao!!! "massive bubble blob"! Well well seems better reading it than hearing about it! Lost of people pull a scott everyday! hehehehehe Love you! Glad you got that taken care of! It was a horrible mess over here when that happened because my hubby likes to put in TOO much soap to start imagine, wrong soap, and a lot ='s?


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