Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rag Quilt: One down one more to go!

WooHoo first of two rag quilts is done!
I started off with a night of cutting squares, 12 yards worth!  That's a ton of 8 inch squares!

I alternated  the back of the quilt with the medium and dark blue hoping to get a checker board but it ended up with a two square diagonal alternating colors. It turned out really cool, I couldn't have done it better if I had planned it!

It was a lot of work but when they are finished it's totally worth the work!

Here is the tutorial that I used for this one ( click here).  She does a great job on this tutorial.  Only difference is I didn't us batting, I just used  flannel for the top and flannel for the bottoms.  Oh yeah I told ya all that in the previous post, lol .  But anywho these are great quilts and don't take up alot of time. I know the boys will love these for Christmas.  When I get the second one done I'll make some special tags to put on one of the squares on back so they will always remember grandma made them with love special just for them!

Until next time...Huggles T

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