Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the beginning she created "The Blog"

Ok, so I finally decided to do this.  I seriously don't know what I am doing. So, like most everything I do, soldier on make my mistakes and turn them into a lesson well learned.  And of course, along the way I'll probably make a massive mess that either looks like 60 toddelers with crayons on paper or they were just let to run amuck in the house unattended. lol  Kina sounds like fun!  

Recently, my sister Anne, and my daughter Tatiana directed me to Pinterest. (Yes, lovely another addiction that I'm not planning on kicking).  I stumbled across the Six Sisters Stuff blog and was should I say it...deeply inspired.  It is such a wonderful way for them to share their lives with each other despite the miles that separate them.  Because I am older and left home when my sisters and brothers were still in grade school, my hope is they will be able to get to know me better on another level (get past "your so wierd tonia" lol). Eventually, hopefully, get them posting on here as well (when I figure it out lol).  Then the task of getting mom in the middle of it too.  But, I'll tackle that when I'm blog savvy.

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