Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prep Day! Bibs for bambinos

Here in Texas we have Tax Free days and today is one of them! Yay! So, since I didn't have every thing I needed for bibs, today would be a perfect day to do it.  Poked hubby a few times to wake him from his early morning nap and shuffled him out the door to Wally World (Walmart).  Luckily we got there before every one got out of church, cause its a stinking mad house in there by noon.

If I'm trying a new pattern for the first time I like to use the material I pick up for under 2 dollars a yard.  Some times not the best quality, or the best prints, but if it turns out and  is something great on 2 dollar material, it will be spectacular on the designer material.  Today was a pretty good day for the selection, found some super cuteness. Of course, it takes forever to rummage through the stacks of sloppy bolts that previous customers just tossed back up.  I have to really restrain my self from tidying up, cause they aren't paying me to do it. My old saying....Messy desk, messy head.

So here is what treasures I hauled home today lol.

I also picked up some terry cloth towels too for the back of the bibs for $1.95 each which is a little cheaper than buying it in bulk.  
That's one more perk for the kids going back to school!

A lot of times they will have fat quarters in the clearance bin and pick them up for 50 cents, normally they are 97 cents which isn't too bad. I get these to make Bias Tape.  Forget paying almost 4 dollars for it pre-made, I'll save up that money to get the fancy smanchy machine that does it for me lol. Okay, so I mention the fat quarters because I found this awesome tutorial on how to make 5 yards of bias tape out of it. Awesome! No more boring trim! (does the little pointy finger happy dance)  You can check the tutorial out here.  While your there she's got some other great tutorials too so check em out.

It really is simple I did it and only cussed once. Sorry mom but I stuck my finger with a pin. lol


Now for the fun part getting it all pressed out. (not really but its worth it to have cute!)  This part is what the machine does for you. So yeah saving up for it!

TaDum! All ready to go! 5 yards of super cuteness for .97 cents!

Now it's definately time for a fresh cup a iced mocha and a stroll around the yard to work of the wee bit of numb bum I got going on lol!

Catch ya on the flip side!

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