Saturday, August 18, 2012

Loving the rain..spoke too soon.

Finally it rained.  The weather here in central Texas has been teasing us all week.  Temperatures above 100 with this nice thing called heat index when the humidity is above like 20% it makes it feel like 105 to 110F.  Then with afternoon clouds that come lumbering across a perfectly blue sky, kicking your hopes up for rain, then the closer they get the more they burn off. Nature is cruel.

But, today the rain came. Sat on the porch and breathed in the clean air and the cool mist on my skin as the breeze skipped by.  Decided "this would be a good morning to sit on the porch and drink my coffee before tackling my wifely duties".  Started the coffee pot so that oh so heavenly scent could fill the house along with my sugar cookie candle, and proceeded to the bedroom for my coffee cup.  As I grabbed my cup I just happened to look up.  Oh nice, directly above is this wonderful water spot on the ceiling, its definately not the old one that has been there since we bought the house. Its now having babies lol.

So now I am hoping the rain subsides for a little bit to get the roof fixed.  If not, instead of a nice rainy day, drinking coffee and makin sumfin cute, I'll be rearranging furniture lol.

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