Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Persistent Peanut

I started to make a pattern for a toilet paper holder that would hang above and behind the toilet.  With men in the house its difficult to have a canister that sits on the floor.  ( we mom's all know about that lol ) So anyhow after every one went to bed and all the furry critters were asleep I sat down to see what I could make.  After peaceful searching I found a design liked and started to make the pattern.

Some one decided that she wanted to go to bed.  She did her little "Mom, come to bed" song but I wanted to finish getting my idea on paper before I called it a night.
Since I didn't respond to her singing she decided to come up and see what I was doing that I found so facinating. 

Then I got the "look".
I said "Come on Peanut just 10 more minutes and mommy will be done"
Then it was "I'm ignoring you".

And now it's "I'm giving you no choice but to go to bed mom you won't be able to draw another line".
So, I put every thing up and said "okay get in your spot". She hopped over to the bed and  nestled into her spot on the bed.  Now you tell me they aren't smart lol!

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